they call that a match (1/08)

May 2nd, 2010 Comments Off

well, i saw a rugby match…it is officially time for me to leave england.  if i would have seen the players before i heard them i might actually have thought it was some sort of later then usual christmas pageant.  which since orford is on its own clock would not be strange.  the teams were quite festive to behold in red and green uniforms. but as i said i heard them first. i was cutting through the churchyard on this blessed sunday heading to the town square and decided to walk the three blocks to the playing field (which i didn’t know existed… but only had to follow such expletives that i can not repeat here to find it.)  little baby jesus would not have appreciated the tribute.

being that my sports fanaticism is at the level it is and i am a guest in this lovely country i don’t think it is entirely fair of me to say they were bad….but they weren’t good.  here is my version of the sports page.
green team:  angry group of men known for very vulgar language and yelling at: a) the opposing team, b) the ref, c) their fellow team mates (and i’m not sure but i think the one guy was yelling at the little girl with the baby carriage).  on bums quite frequently which often led to being injured and/or walking “it” off.  goalie quite possibly insane or in need of a lengthy time period with both massive medication and intensive anger management classes
red team: winning

so of course i follow this by heading to an anniversary party for the people i am renting the cottage from.  they have been married 60 years!  actually they were married in early december but as i said orford  is on it’s own schedule.

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