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well, i turned 30 and it really was a lovely birthday.  i spent the majority of the day with the two people i am most intimate with at the moment…sylvia and seymour, the main characters in my new book (lo siento).  after writing all day i left them to eat and drink my way through the remainder of the celebration with a friend.  she told me she had invited a male friend of hers to the dinner and since he was unable to attend he offered to make me a birthday lunch the next day.  how could i turn down a man’s generous offer to make a meal for me?  as i had never had the opportunity to turn one down before i decided to accept.  that is how i met the most fascinating man in the world.  i’m not sure how many studies were done involving mental and physical agility but he was pretty confident that he was clearly the out right winner of the title.  none of my male friends over the years have ever mentioned the testing that they too must have endured for mr. wonderful’s statistics to be accurate. i must assume this is because they were not the winners and thus with bruised egos, heartbroken and dejected they decided never to speak of the months of training they endured only to be met with defeat.

as proof of his wonderfulness he proceeded to show me “artistic” (that means black and white in this scenario) 2 ft x 3 ft framed photos of himself in various stages of undress hanging around his apartment.  pulling a guitar from his wall he sang two songs for us as a video played on his computer that reminded me of some 80’s dating service gone awry….him running shirtless through a barren field while words crawled slowly across the screen…driven…inventive….passionate….i didn’t catch them all as i was distracted when he switched from guitar to signing opera.   i was a bit …overwhelmed …and since the best catch in the world hadn’t taken my jacket yet i was thinking how i could abandon my own birthday party.   drat this city and the keys you need to leave every building.  i’m not used to relying on someone else to “let” me leave.    but wait…leah,  this man made you a birthday lunch with his own driven…inventive…passionate…hands and he is just trying to entertain his guests.  he’ll let you speak…eventually.  i mean if i had been crowned the most fascinating woman in the world i might be a bit proud as well.  who knows maybe i would start playing in my apartment a loop of airbrushed footage starring me… sitting quietly …contemplating.   so as i sat through 2 more videos where he threw his paint covered body against a canvas while doves flew over his head and heard three more arias i just kept thinking (all i could do was think as he had already shhhs’d us)…you’ve never had a man make you dinner before leah…maybe this is the precursor for such an event….and when are we going to get to that meal anyway?  he’ll need to take a breather soon …right… to check the oven or something.  then it happened!  we sat and ate “the meal” ….his cook prepared and his maid served.  he did open the bottles of wine though.  i don’t know if i have any jurisdiction down here but i’m going to try to sneak the title across the border.   even though i know a few men who are much more deserving…i am afraid it must be destroyed for the betterment of mankind.  i will need suggestions on how to dispose of it though.   my initial plan of tossing it in the ocean will not do…as it comes with an inflatable ego.

i thought i was doing well after meeting mr. wonderful…quite well in fact.  in two different locales i was stopped and told by strangers i was glowing.  now it is fall here so i was 90% sure it was not just the humidity.  turns out i wasn’t the breathtaking beauty my vanity was imagining as much as extremely contagious. the rosy hue in my cheeks was indeed the beginning of my little immunes system’s mighty war waged against a rapidly spreading virus.  thank goodness i tend to meet dr’s when i travel. my friend and i were heading to a poetry reading and she gave me an antibiotic that was meant to clear that glow right up…at least that is what she said.  i popped the first pill and  we raced to her friend’s book reading in a cafe…at least that was what she told me.

as a gal who had just come to the conclusion her once healthy body was being maliciously infiltrated…running through train stations was not what i would have recommended.  but she is a dr…at least that is what she told me.  she had never been to where the reading was being held and didn’t want to park on the street as the neighborhood was not that great.  everything is relative.  after running from the parking ramp through a train station the size of grand central we popped out on the other side in the freezing cold night air on what appeared to be a street only frequented by people leaning into idling cars and those using the wall as a restroom.  surely this is not where poetry was to be read.  she headed right..towards the bridge where the row of idling cars and those leaning in the drivers door were congregating.  there were no doors so she turned back and raced left.  the cold air was whipping at this point and i wondered why i had bothered wearing a dress in my diseased state.  she walked up three steps to the only door on the block.  except.. one of the double doors had  a chain on its handle, plastic up and wood propped up against it.  any one of these items alone would have had me turn around but all of them together really seemed more then a little bit of a deterrent.  she swung open the other door and we were greeted by two guards standing in a huge atrium lit by one uncovered lightbulb.  without a word they pointed us to the elevators.  the building was mammoth, dark, freezing and empty.   we got off the elevator and it was even darker then the atrium.  the only light was streaming in through the skylight.  the floor was separated from the ceiling by twenty feet and walls covered in hand painted glass tiles.  we turned the corner and there was a faint light coming from a room in the distance. even with such little light the building was breathtaking …and silent.  you could look over the ornate railings and see from the ground floor to the roof five floors up.  then there was movement …someone was darting in and out of hallways up ahead.  while children playing during daylight hours isn’t all that entertaining to me…one child running in an abandoned building at night who is refusing to respond to people calling out to him is down right frightening.  i couldn’t help thinking i was in a jose saramago novel.  what did i really know about my friend?  besides the fact that it had been quite easy to convince her i needed pills. was i heading to a book reading or a revolution?

two things:

it was a book reading and i vowed for the 5th time in my life to create a more stringent criteria for the people i take pills from so willingly.

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